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While our campaign may have ended on Kickstarter, we are still going strong! Currently the plan is to jump back into development for 4-6 months and at the end we are aiming to release a public demo (the first portion of the game). With that, we will try another crowd funding attempt, bigger and better than ever.

Resources are tight though, so we are counting on your support to help make this road a little less rocky. Good news is we have some amazing pledge rewards for helping us out! Check them out below. 

All rewards deliverable upon release (though, of course, some rewards will be sent earlier - such as beta or USB).

DRM Free!

Platforms supported on release - PC, Mac, Linux

Additional platforms after release - Xbox360, Playstation, Wii, Android (Ouya)



Monthly Donation - ((Found at Bottom of Page))

Donate to our development campaign each month with this easy option. Donations are cumulative and will be applied to reward tiers.


Pledge Any Amount -

Use this instead of normal pledge tier when needing to add shipping or for non-typical pledges.


Pledge $15 or more -

Into the World – Digital download of the game on the platform of your choice! For the savvy gamer who knows a good deal and wants to help out an indie developer.

Pledge $20 or more - 

Music Collector – Digital download of all the beautiful music in the game! This will really be something special. All previous tiers included!

Pledge $30 or more - 

Art Collector – A signed concept art print! Plus, digital download of the PDF art book! Packed with tons of information about the art behind the game (including the history and evolution from Blooms beginning as an unreleased graphic novel). All previous tiers included! 

Pledge $50 or more - (+5$ shipping for out of USA)

Art Prints, Music CD, and Beta – A collection of 5 concept art prints, a CD of the soundtrack, and get access to our beta phase to really help us shape the game (or simply have some fun before the full release). All previous tiers included!

Pledge $80 or more - (+10$ shipping for out of USA)

Ultimate Digital Collector – Get a kickstarter only Bloom USB filled will all the previous rewards, along with a special game guide hinting to some in-game secrets and even some old-school cheat codes! Also, you get this at LEAST a week before the full release! All previous tiers included!

Pledge $125 or more - (+15$ shipping for out of USA)

Old-school Experience – Get the full old-school experience with the kickstarter only boxed game on DVD and an expanded physical game guide. There’s nothing that quite matches the feeling of opening the box to a fresh game. All previous tiers included!

Pledge $250 or more - (+30$ shipping for out of USA)

True Art Lover – A signed copy of the extended art book! Filled with behind the scenes information about the races in the game, the philosophies behind the art, and even side-by-side evolution of some of the characters! Also, your name in the credits under a special supporter thanks! All previous tiers included!

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Monthly Donations